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We stock a large range of traditional Baskets to Floating planters, Aquatic Fertilisers, Pond Care Products, Cover Nets, & Pool Liners.
British Native Plants
All plants in this category are native to the british isles and are suitable for a wildlife pool.
Deep Water Aquatics
Floating Plants
Providing cover for fish and preserving the balance of plant life which keeps the water pure and clear.
Marginal Plants
These add variety and interest to the pool. They are not only attractive in themselves in flower. But assist in giving a more natural effect and encouragewildlife. They should be planted in small, me ... More
Snails live on rotting vegetation, so help to clean the debris and decaying leaves.
Oxygenating Plants
Key Products and Special Offers
Starter Packs
A selection of packs to get the balance right in a new pond. A good choice if you are not sure what to choose, let us choose for you.
Water LilIes
We specialise in growing water lilies, we stock 100+ varieties, If the variety you require is not listed Please Enquire.

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